Unique and hot NFT collection
We offer you our avatars - NFT that are designed by professional artists to merge your very individual features in your digital embodiment
Unique avatars
Now that we are in a moment when accuracy and authenticity of our digital image is becoming more important
We are starting a new era of online dating using the blockchain technology. All citizens of the metaverse represented by their absolutely irreplaceable NFT avatars can chat and communicate without limits and boundaries
Your avatar is protected
Your personality
Unique avatar is your best option in a new world where anonymity of your alter-ego gives way to promotion of your personal brand
Freedom of self-expression and non-limited communication on your terms: all advantages of online dating, but with absolutely new spirit. We move dating on another level. We created a whole universe for you and your avatar is a key to open it
Our «FityGirls» NFT collection
Let us introduce you our special collection of avatars. More than 7,777 variations of avatars in collection. Let's watch of few of them:
NFT Staking: Earn Passive Income with NFTs Stake your NFT, and get FITY tokens
Just as you create your image when you are going to meet a new person, same way you can choose in what role you want to appear for a new acquaintance. It’s like a carnival masquerade, only this time you don't have to wait for a special occasion - every meeting can be special
Want more than NFT?
The owner of a personal avatar automatically becomes the owner of a special VIP place in our main project. Personal space, created with the tastes and imaginations of its owner in mind. Here you can stay up to date with the latest news and updates. It can be whatever you want it to be: an office, a rest room or a place of solitude.
VR world
Our history
What previously began as separate digital solutions for specific tasks, here and now merge and evolve into something new
An endless space for interaction and creativity, for work and fun, self-expression and inspiration.
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Uninque avatars
Your personality
NFT collection project